CheckPoint 1.4.61 Released

This version adds in an option into the vessel setup to specify a vessel as a source and/or node vessel, with combined outputs for these vessel types available in the reporting output.

There is also an update to the Excel import routines to load BGP excel files correctly.

CheckPoint 1.4.58 Released

This version contains some minor updates to the MMO reporting output.

  • Fixed Output of Zero Values in Sightings Table
  • Added Resightings Count to Sightings Table
  • Added Additional Sightings Table Summary Items

CheckPoint 1.4.57 Released

This version contains a couple of minor bug fixes to the report generation process.

  • Fixed bug in printing of Landscape Pages direct to Printer or PDF Writer
  • Updated Image Printing to Ignore Warnings

CheckPoint 1.4.54 Released

This version contains a couple of minor updates

  1. An update to the MMO operational timing calculations
  2. A fix to an error which occurred with PDFs containing small fonts