Software Development

The company develops products for both general sale and bespoke products for specific clients

Formats and Guidelines

The company is a leading member of several industry technical bodies and is involved in the process of standards development and data formats. As such the company also provides format verification services, both as software and as a compliance audit consultancy service.

Navigation and Positioning

The company has core experience in developing online and offline solutions in the Navigation and Positioning domain.

Software Development Lifecycle

The company has experience of the full processes undertaken to develop software products and can offer support for gathering requirements, design and product implementation. The company can implement and provide libraries as well as complete products

Mathematical Design and Analysis

The company has experience of implementing complex mathematical techniques for full production systems and also providing a verification test bed to ensure any mathematical algorithm is implemented in an optimised, comprehensive and efficient manner.

Geomatic Development and Consultancy

The company has experience implementing and verifying geomatic algorithms in a real-world sense


The company is experienced in providing consultancy and training to companies carrying out their own development or seeking to increase internal knowledge

Support and Maintenance

The company prides itself in providing comprehensive support and on-going maintenance on all products.
Customer feedback is valued and used as a basis for future development.