The Geodetic Calculator performs geodetic computations based on an in-built, extensible copy of the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset

The application includes a copy of the EPSG database and allows coordinate operations and coordinate reference systems to be defined. The system also supports concatenated operations to allow for multistep operations to be computed.

The calculator converts coordinates between two Coordinate Reference Systems and implements the following Coordinate Operation Methods

  • Albers Equal Area
  • American Polyconic
  • Cassini-Soldner
  • Coordinate Frame Rotation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)
  • Geocentric translations (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)
  • Geographic/geocentric conversions
  • Geographic2D offsets
  • Geographic2D with Height Offsets
  • Geographic3D to GravityRelatedHeight (EGM and EGM2008)
  • Hotine Oblique Mercator (variants A and B)
  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
  • Lambert Conic Conformal (1SP and 2SP)
  • Longitude rotation
  • Mercator (variants A and B)
  • Molodensky-Badekas (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)
  • NTv2
  • New Zealand Map Grid
  • Oblique Stereographic
  • P6 (I = J+90°) seismic bin grid transformation
  • Polar Stereographic (variants A, B and C)
  • Position Vector transformation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)
  • Reversible polynomial of degree 4
  • Time-dependent Coordinate Frame rotation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)
  • Time-dependent Position Vector transformation (geocentric, geog2D and geog3D domains)
  • Transverse Mercator
  • Transverse Mercator (South Orientated)
  • Vertical Offset.

The calculator includes data files for ConUS and Alaska NADCON conversions

The application is fully GIGS tested